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Sara Helps
Underused FC #4: Victoria Justice


  • Name: Victoria Justice
  • Age: 19 (February 19,1993)
  • Known for: Tori Vega on Victorious.
  • Can portray ages : 15-19
  • Why I love her: I  don’t think Victoria is severely underused, because I have seen her in quite a lot of roleplays. But I don’t think she’s overused either. I honestly think Victoria’s gorgeous and I don’t know if this is just me but in a way she looks like Nina Dobrev. Not entirely, there are some major differences. But if you’re using Nina for an FC, you could easily use Victoria as a relative. Such as a younger sister or something. 
  • Personalities she can play: The innocent one, the hipster, the singer, the Queen Bee/Popular Girl. However if you want to change it up a bit: The misunderstood girl or the rebel. There’s gifs for that.
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